Spotlight: Omar Elementary

Springtime is a refreshing time of year.  We just exited the dreary months of winter and being stuck inside.  It is exciting to see the green buds pop along the hill sides.  It is time for nature to grow again. During those winter months where there is plenty of hibernation taking place, there is a little school at Chauncey where some special things are taking place all this time. 

Here is just a few of thing things we are doing here at Omar Elementary….

In fourth grade, we see the students building upon their prior knowledge of Native Americans to create  cornhusk dolls while studying Sacagawea.  They soak their cornhusks in vinegar to make it more malleable and then bind them together.  Finally, they decorate them with their own finishing touch.

Next the fourth graders learn about simple and complex machines during Dr. Suess week.  They combine math alongside engineering principles to create their own Rube Goldberg machine.

At Omar, it is not just about “5×3” or “what is the pronoun in this sentence?”  It’s about the kids.  Mrs. Edwards, 2nd grade teacher, organizes a weekly “Lunch Brunch” at noon on Fridays.  Here she has her students bring their lunches and they sit and tell stories and jokes for 30 minutes.  She said, “I found it is a great way to build relationships and social/emotional well-being during this year of transitions for our students.  We have a blast and laugh a lot!”

Here in Kindergarten, the students make new and exciting discoveries everyday. Students are using open response questions to tell about the things they would most want to discover.

In Miss Paxton’s Pre-K class, the lessons will stick with the kids for the rest of their lives.  In these photos, you see the students learning about “electricity” in a fun and engaging way. 

Omar Elementary works with the whole child.  Every child is unique and Omar strives to meet their needs.  Omar Elementary expectations requires high quality work. The school and parents have developed a strong relationship. 

“The most beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”   B.B. King, American musician.